Techmeme Term Frequency Analysis from 1/07-10/07
* Terms are stemmed ('youtubing' to 'youtub') & segmented ('facebookapp' to 'facebook app') before counted
Charts Roadmap: Facebook/MySpace, iPod/Zune, OS's, Mobile, Companies, Web2.0 Slang, Biz Slang
It appears MySpace had relatively good news coverage prior to the Facebook Platform release .
iPod dominates the Zune in news
The bumps for Vista, Mac correspond to major product releases.
Although the term Windows is more general, since it occurs in Desktop & Mobile news,
its coverage has remained consistently high.
iPhone clearly dominates - experiencing major bumps at the rumor & product release times
Apple (pink) starts the year off with a bang.
Microsoft (green) experiences a major bump on the 126th day, which I believe corresponds to the news of their Table concept.
The news of Facebook's platform carries over for the latter half of time, before overtaken by Google and Apple.
The term 'beta' clearly dominates the chart.
It appears 'beta', 'open', 'custom' products start to generate major press >= 164th day.
Interestingly, the term 'gadget' has subsided in popularity - reaching its high in early March.
The peak for 'platform' (green) is most likely accounted by Facebook's platform launch.
The terms 'acquire' or 'acquisition' really took off after the 105th day (April, near beginning of summer).
I believe this corresponds to the Doubleclick, Rightmedia, AdQuantive deals.
The term continues to stay strong, with correlations to 'millions' and 'sell'.